For Beacon it was clear, our designers had the ideas but were constrained by the expertise of the fabrication plants who work across so many more “standardised” industries and so we invested in our own Fabrication Team. This decision has given our designers and engineers the freedom to look for the best solutions for each challenge and has given Beacon a unique portfolio of services to offer their clients.

Our Fabrication Team are highly experienced and now specialise in infrastructure projects, making them uniquely placed to work with our design team and to offer technical advice and support to our clients.  If our designers can design it, then our Fabricators can make it and this alliance and close understanding enable Beacon to work efficiently and effectively, with complete control over this part of the project delivery process. Beacon can commit to client deadlines with confidence because we control the workflow and our clients know they can rely on us to deliver a solution that is right for them, rather than a right for a third party supplier. 

The challenge of delivering EV Charging infrastructure across the UK is one that will need creative solutions and having our own in-house fabrication team is one of many unique services that will enable Beacon to meet and overcome these challenges on behalf of our Clients.