Civil Engineering complexities are often an area that can be overlooked or taken for granted, however,  it is striving for excellence in this area that gives Beacon an edge because we have always believed in the value a good civils team can bring to the outcome of any project.  We put a considerable amount of due diligence into our civils works because we understand that getting this part of any project right is critical to its success in the delivery of future milestones.  

By having the best people working on each stage of a project, Beacon can ensure that at every delivery point the teams involved are invested 100% in delivery on behalf of our Client,  our Civils team is renowned within the infrastructure arena for their diligence, along with their ability to deliver results even under the most challenging of circumstances.

From pile foundations for a telecoms tower in the middle of a field in the highlands of Scotland in December to street furniture in central London our civil engineers have the experience and expertise to complete all aspects of groundworks to the highest specifications, no matter the location.  Our Civils Manager often says he and the Team “like a challenge” and we have never let them down so far!